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Dear Friends in Photography

I created this contest for you, in recognition of your artistic sensitivity, sense of beauty, love for art, and the desire to make the world more beautiful and better.
Anyone who accepts and meets the rules can participate.
It doesn't matter if you are an amateur or a professional, where you live, how old you are, how long and with what equipment you shoot.
The only thing that matters is that you see and want to show the world in your own way, different than everyone else.
This contest is also different from all the others.
I have prepared financial awards for the winners.
The first prize is $ 300, the second is $ 200, the third is $ 100. Among the best photos, I will also award five Honourable Mentions. All winning photos will be published on the contest website.
Contest has no topic. Your only job is to send whatever photo you feel is the best you've ever taken. The subject, category, color or black and white is not important. You have complete freedom. This is to be the photo you think is your best. It doesn't matter from what period. It could be from the last year, from the last ten years, or maybe your best photo ever.
The only purpose of this photo is to evoke emotions in me that will convince me that your photo is better than others. I don't know how you will do it. That's what you're an artist for, so you know how to do it. This is what you are an artist for, so that you know how to reach the viewer's heart.
The jury is composed of one person, i.e. mine. Why? Because this competition is to be different than any other. Just like your photo should be different than any other. But, I do not rule out that one day I will invite my colleagues, outstanding artists to the jury, so that we can contemplate your works together.
You can find out everything about the competition in the "Rules" tab. Please read that. It is important.
I wish each of you a victory and hope that this contest will be written on the best side in the history of photo contests in the world.

Jacek Haratym EFIAP