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1. The creator, sole owner and only decision-making person JACEK HARATYM INTERNATIONAL PHOTO CONTEST, hereinafter referred to as the competition, is Jacek Haratym.
2. The aim of the contest is to promote the art of photography in the world, improve the skills, artistic sensitivity and good fun of the participants.
3. The contest has no topic. You send one best photos you took.
4. Participation in the contess is free.
5. The contest is annual.
6. The condition for the contest to be held in a given year is the participation of at least 100 participants who meet the rules of the contest regulations. If this condition is not met in a given year, the contest is canceled.
7. The language of the competition is English.



1. Each participant may send one color photo or one black and white photo.
2. The last day of accepting photos for the contest is April 30th each year.
3. Photos must be sent using the photo upload form on the contest website.
4. The participant must be the author of the submitted photo, all photos from which the submitted photo was created and the owner of the copyrights of the sent photo and all photos from which the submitted photo was created.
5. By sending a photo for the contest, the author grants the contest owner permission to publish the photo with the name of its author free of charge on the contess website and on social media.
6. The same photo can be sent to the competition only once, it can not be sent to the next editions of the contest in the following years.
7. Photos sent in the next editions of the contest may not have the same title as the photos sent in previous years.
8. After sending the photo, it is not possible to exchange it for another one or send another photo.
9. Mail must display: Under “From”, must contain only the name of the sender (not a nickname or any other data).
In the “Subject” item, enter: The title of the photo. Jacek Haratym International Photo Contest year. For ex ample: The moon over a river. Jacek Haratym International Photo Contest 2021.
The title of the photo must be in English. Only Latin letters may be used in the e-mail, including the first and last names of the author.
The content of the e-mail should include:
Author’s first and last name.
Author’s country.
Photo title. The title must not be “Untitled” or similar meaningless.
E-mail adress:
Information on which time the participant takes part in the competition.
Data for the transfer in the PayPal system, i.e. name and surname and e-mail address associated with the winner’s PayPal account.
Entries that differ in any way from the given scheme will be rejected.



1. Photos should be sent in jpg format, but the output file must be a RAW file (not jpg) and all photos from which the submitted photo was created must be made on the basis of a RAW file (not jpg). The winners of the contest, before the announcement of the results, will be asked to send the output RAW file and RAW files, all photos from which the submitted photo was created, within 48 hours of sending by the competition owner with a request for RAW files. If this request is not complied with, the laureate ceases to be a laureate and a photo of another author is selected in his place.
2. Technical conditions of the photo: jpg format, sRGB color space, maximum 1920 pixels horizontally, maximum 1080 pixels vertically, 300 dpi resolution, maximum compression 10, file size maximum 2 Mb.
3. The name of the file must contain: Title of the photo, name and surname of the author, country of the author, according to the following formula: title_photo_firstname_lastname_authorcountry
For example, the moon_over_the_river_jacek_haratym_poland
Only Latin letters, numbers and underscore can be used in the file name.
Photos that do not meet the above technical conditions or files with names according to a pattern other than the one provided will be rejected.



The prizes in the contest are: three main financial prizes and five honourable mentions.

First Prize: $ 300
Second Prize: $ 200
Third Prize: $ 100

Five equal awards in the form of publications on the contest website.
Eight of the awarded photos of the winners will be published on the contest website together with the names of their authors.
The only currency of the cash prizes is USD.

1. The contest jury will be composed of one person, ie Jacek Haratym is the chairman and members of the jury 😉
The owner of the contess, provides for the possibility of appointing other members of the jury in the future. If the jury consists of more than one person, Jacek Haratym is the chairman of the jury. Working in the competition jury is free of charge.
2. There is no appeal against the jury’s decision.



1. The results will be announced no later than 30 working days from the end of accepting photos for the competition.
2. The winners of the competition will be notified of this fact by e-mail.
3. The only form of sending cash prizes is to transfer to the winner’s PayPal account.



1. Contact and questions. Jacek Haratym: jharatym@photocontest.pl
The owner of the contest informs that he will only answer questions that are not answered in the rules. Questions proving that the questioner has not read the rules will remain unanswered.
Questions will be answered by e-mail only.
2. All correspondence, including notifying the winners, will be sent from the following address: jharatym@photocontest.pl. Check the spam folder and set the anti-spam filter so that it does not block messages from the contest.